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You don’t have to be a photographer with Top Camera 2

You don’t have to be a photographer with Top Camera 2

August 25, 2015

Most people who own smartphones take full advantage of that handy built-in camera. You always have it with you, it’s easy to capture special moments, and is fun for just snapping cool photos when the time is right. What lacks a bit with the iPhone’s camera can be made up for with Top Camera 2. This camera app has plenty of useful features and editing tools that can turn your good pictures into great ones.

Photo and video modes

Top Camera 2 has a total of eight different modes for your photos and videos. When snapping a picture, try the Slow Shutter, Superfast Burst, or Night Photo. For videos, check out Slow Motion, Time Lapse, or a simple video with a pause option. Just pick your mode and take your shot.

Top Camera 2 ModesEffects and editing

After capturing your photo or video, you can have some fun sprucing it up. The adjustments available allow for editing the contrast, vibrance, highlights, and other items with simple sliders so that you get just the balance you want. Then, try out the filters by selecting cinema, vintage, antique, or pastel effects. You just tap to apply one and then use the plus and minus icons to adjust the intensity.

Top Camera 2 AdjustShots made simple

From the different modes to the editing options, Top Camera 2 provides a terrific array of tools for your photos and videos. With an intuitive interface, there are no complicated settings to deal with for turning your special shots into works of art. The effects available are perfect for transforming your moments into photos and videos that complement the occasion.

Top Camera EffectsTop Camera 2 is universal and currently available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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