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Can you park all of the automobiles in Cars - Turn or Die?

Can you park all of the automobiles in Cars - Turn or Die?

Pocket Gaming
September 7, 2015

Car racing games are a huge phenomenon on the App Store, but sometimes you want something different. How about a game that forces you to test how accurately and quickly you can park the cars? That’s the idea behind Cars – Turn or Die, where instead of challenging your speedy driving skills, the idea of the game is to see how quickly you can park.

Four buildings, each with its own car

The game features four different buildings, staggered along two roadways with a quartet of different cars to match each driveway. Your challenge is to park the correct car in its matching driveway. If that sounds way too easy, bear in mind that you have to tap the correct side of the screen to turn the right car at the precise time that will direct it into the driveway. You have to do this while other cars are continuing to drive down the street, possibly passing their own building.

Cars Turn or Die 3

The perils of parking

If you turn too soon or too late, you’ll end up smashing into the roadway and “dying.” Not exactly realism here, but the point of the game is to get each car into the correct driveway, thus earning coins. There’s also the danger of passing your building altogether. If you try to park at the wrong building, it’s a crash, and if you just keep on driving, you smash into a moving train.

Cars Turn or Die 1

Getting the game

Cars – Turn or Die is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is a free download on the App Store. The game is supported by both in-app purchases of diamonds to continue your game and advertisements between parking attempts. Watch the trailer video below, or click here if it doesn’t load.

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