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Catch a cloud to fly high in Jump Sky

Catch a cloud to fly high in Jump Sky

Pocket Gaming
September 2, 2015

If you enjoy fast-moving, uncomplicated games, then the new Jump Sky might be right up your alley. Land on clouds, avoid obstacles, collect coins, and soar as high as you can to score.

Jump SkyHow to play

Gameplay is very simple in Jump Sky; you just tap the clouds to hop to them. The goal is to keep hopping to different clouds to climb through the sky. So, you cannot just keep idle or you will fall right through the cloud and land on the bottom. Avoid the evil-looking clouds and birds that might get in your way. Try to land on the clouds with coins and rainbows. The rainbows will give you a big boost through the sky.

Jump SkyCoins and characters

By collecting coins you can unlock more characters. You can also earn more coins by watching short video ads. Turn in your coins for characters like the dragon, spaceship, lion, or panda. The neat part about different characters is that the environment changes depending on which one you use. So, instead of a cat catching clouds, you could be a steak landing on grills. You can also create your own character using a photo from your Camera Roll, which is a cool option.

Jump SkyFast and fun

Jump Sky is easy to play and pretty fun as well. With Game Center support you can see how well you do against others on the leaderboard and do your best to reach the five different achievements. You can even capture screen shots from the within the app with a tap to share on social media if you enjoy the game.

Jump Sky is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchases for additional characters if you don’t want to wait to earn enough coins for that chicken or ninja.

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