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Create your own unique topics with the new QuizUp

Create your own unique topics with the new QuizUp

Pocket Gaming
September 24, 2015

One of the most popular trivia games, QuizUp, has something brand new in store for fans and players. The platform has been opened up with a new feature called My QuizUp that allows you to create your own topics, bringing another level of fun to the game. The update was announced today, Sept. 24, and opens up a whole new interesting world for players.

QuizUpWhere to create your topic

You may have already noticed the announcement of this new feature in the Notification section of the QuizUp app. In order to create your topic, just head over to the QuizUp website, log in, and get started. You should see the nice, large, colorful banner under your profile after you have signed in. So, just click and go.

QuizUpHow to create your topic

Creating your topic is a simple process and here are the basics:

  1. Pick a neat title, tagline, and category using any language
  2. Customize your own nifty icon
  3. Write up your questions, you will need at least seven
  4. Add in your possible answers, don’t forget the correct one
  5. Edit, remove, or add more questions later
  6. Click Create Topic and you are set

QuizUpFrom QuizUp’s founder and CEO, Thor Fridriksson:

By opening up QuizUp we are fundamentally changing the content creation process by giving our users the ability to create quizzes and communities about anything, or everything they want. We can’t wait to see what our users will create using our topic creation tools.

Pretty awesome new feature

We have seen plenty of new features added to the game over time, but this is by far my favorite. If you are a QuizUp player like me and enjoy the array of cool, interesting, and entertaining topics already available, then you probably appreciate this new My QuizUp feature too. Opening up the platform to let players create custom topics this way is just a wonderful addition to the game as well as the entire experience. And, I bet we will see some hilarious topics and questions popping up. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to QuizUp and make some fun!

QuizUp is a universal game available for free on the App Store with in-app purchase options.

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