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Cross dimensions to aid a stranded soul in Ghosts of Memories

Cross dimensions to aid a stranded soul in Ghosts of Memories

Pocket Gaming
September 14, 2015

A lone wanderer from an empty world finds a mysterious scepter giving him the ability to cross dimensions. At the same time, a mysterious female voice calls out for help. In Ghosts of Memories, coming to the App Store on Oct. 16, you are that lone traveler and must decide whether you can trust the woman’s voice and how to free her.

The levels are mostly made up of two intertwined worlds, in which the actions you take in one world affect the other dimension. You can also travel between the two worlds from certain spots on the map, all while solving complex riddles and figuring out that sometimes the only way to move forward is to go backward.


Ghosts of Memories is shown in what the developer calls “a 2.5-D isometric perspective that combines the details of 2-D artwork with many of the functionalities of a 3-D environment.” The background music was composed specifically for Ghost of Memories, and promotes a haunting perspective as you work through the maze and puzzles.

The game features a variety of beautiful, fantastic landscapes that you can interact with, bending them to your will. The ancient scepter provides your character with mysterious powers that you must learn as you reveal the story of the mysterious young woman crying out for your help.


Ghosts of Memories will launch on the App Store on Oct. 16, but you can see the action in the video below. Click here if the video fails to load.

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