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Don’t fall and you can become The Lord of the Boxes

Don’t fall and you can become The Lord of the Boxes

Pocket Gaming
September 8, 2015

If you enjoy puzzle games that bring just enough challenge to keep you wanting to play, then you should give The Lord of the Boxes a try. In this fun new puzzler, you just remove the boxes to land on the platform without falling or being hit in the head.

The Lord of the BoxesHow to play

Your goal is to the land on the platform safely by removing the boxes you are standing on. Just tap to remove a box beneath you, but plan ahead so that you can stick your landing. Sometimes you have to tap quickly and remove more than one box pretty fast, otherwise you will fall and see those stars when you bump your head.

Here is a nice preview of The Lord of the Boxes. Just click here if you cannot view it:

Gets more challenging

There are almost 40 levels now and a planned update will take that number to 60. Each level has its own set of challenges with different shaped, spiked, or metal boxes along with TNT. There is also Game Center support so that you can check your ranking on the leaderboard. The Lord of the Boxes is a fun puzzle game where you will find yourself tilting your phone, as if it will keep you from falling. But unfortunately it won’t, so be strategic with your moves.

The Lord of the BoxesThe Lord of the Boxes is universal and available for free on the App Store. The game is ad-supported and you can watch short videos to earn more lives.

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