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Don’t make decisions on your own, get help from Flotsm

Don’t make decisions on your own, get help from Flotsm

Digital Communicator
September 10, 2015

Ever wonder what to do about an uncomfortable situation at work? Not sure how to handle a new relationship? Or, maybe you just want some help deciding whether or not you should buy the new iPhone 6s. You can ask your friends and family for advice, but for an unbiased opinion from someone outside of your circle, try asking on Flotsm instead. This new app lets you get answers to the difficult questions as well as the lighthearted ones, anonymously.

Ask a question

You can ask your questions easily after signing up by just composing your question, adding multiple answer options, and then including a photo. You will then get instant responses to showing the percentage of people that responded per answer.

FlotsmGive your answer

Not only can you ask your own questions, but you can help others too by answering theirs. You can browse through the new or trending questions and easily choose your answer. You can also see how many other people answered similar to you with filters for age, gender, and location.

FlotsmInteresting questions

I was a little leery trying out Flotsm, expecting to see some ridiculous questions being asked. And sure, there are a few silly ones, but overall most appear to be sincere. Everything from food-related questions to those about etiquette to travel to sports; they are all there. So, it is actually interesting to browse through and share your opinion. Why not? Someone may help me out in return.

Flotsm is designed for iPhone and available for free on the App Store with no advertisements.

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