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Get there in single a tap with Twitter Bookmarks

Get there in single a tap with Twitter Bookmarks

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September 2, 2015

Every day you open Twitter, or your third-party app, to browse and search. You check out what’s new and trending, what your friends or favorite users are up to, view your lists, or do a search for something specific. All of this takes some taps, right? Released today, Sept. 2, is a super handy new app that reduces those taps. Twitter Bookmarks lets you get directly where you want to go on Twitter with one click.

Setting up the app

Twitter Bookmarks has a really easy interface and the dashboard setup is simple. First, select the Twitter accounts you would like to use. You can set up and use more than one account which is great. You are then at your main dashboard and can select to add bookmarks for a user, search term, list, tweet, or a compose post button. Just select the one you want, enter the information for it, and click “add.” It’s as easy as that.

Twitter Bookmarks SetupTo make the bookmarks even better, you can drill down inside those categories. For instance, if you choose to bookmark a list, you can pick one of your own or another user’s list. If you add a search bookmark, you can enter a new term to use or view your saved searches, as another example.

Twitter Bookmarks SetupUsing the app

After closing the app, it will go to the Twitter account you left off with the next time you open it. But, you can quickly switch between account dashboards with different bookmarks on each one. Then, just tap your bookmark and you will be taken directly to that item in the Twitter app. You can also choose to open the item using Tweetbot 3 or the Twitter website in Safari.

Twitter Bookmarks DashboardFast, easy, and convenient

Twitter Bookmarks is a very handy app to have around. Get where you want to go faster with just one tap. For example, there is no more opening the Twitter app, navigating to your lists, and then choosing one. Just open this app instead and get to that list in one click.

Twitter Bookmarks is designed for iPhone and available for $2.99 on the App Store without ads or in-app purchases.

In other news today, CBS plays nice with Apple TV and will stream Super Bowl 50 and Universal search may be the cornerstone of the new Apple TV.

Image Credit: JazzyApps

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