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Give your thumbs a rest and use Hey! Messaging App

Give your thumbs a rest and use Hey! Messaging App

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September 16, 2015

How many times do you send the same text messages over and over? “I’m going to be late,” “Are you picking up the kids?,” “Let’s go to the movies,” or “I’ll be there in 20 minutes” might be the types of phrases you text regularly. A new tool called Hey! Messaging App lets you send these kinds of messages, as well as customized ones, with tapping instead of typing.

Hey! EditHow to use Hey!

Sending messages with the app is super simple. Just tap the message you want to send, select your recipient, and click send. The message then automatically appears in your text messaging app, so you can send it on its way. You can edit your message before it’s sent too by adding a photo from your library, inserting an emoji, or taking a picture to attach.

Hey! SendCustomizing the app

Hey! offers some nice customization options. Most importantly you can personalize the messages in your list. The app comes with several common built-in messages you can use, edit, delete, or rearrange. Adding your own is easy as well by composing them yourself or choosing from a master list. There are also options to add sub-messages. For example, if you want to say you’ll be home in “X” minutes, a drop-down can include 10, 20, or 30 minutes to pop into the message.

Hey! DropdownYou can also customize the app itself with different color themes and apply specific colors to each of the messages as well. This is handy if you want, for example, your personal messages in blue and your business ones in red. Here is a great look at Hey! and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Snappy messaging app

Hey! offers a convenient alternative to typing. If you are someone who isn’t very nimble-fingered with the keyboard or just has a constant need to send messages in a hurry, this is a terrific option. Being able to personalize so many messages means that about anything you send on a normal basis can be just a few taps away.

Hey! Messaging App is designed for iPhone and available on the App Store with the first six months free. After that, it is just $0.99 per year.

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