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Hurry, get your free Super Hexagon from the Apple Store app

Hurry, get your free Super Hexagon from the Apple Store app

Pocket Gaming
September 15, 2015

If you haven’t looked through your Apple Store app today, then you should definitely pop it open now for your free Super Hexagon game. Apple is giving this game away for free, for a limited time. Super Hexagon normally costs $2.99 on the App Store, so this is a super giveaway.

Apple Store GiveawayWhat is Super Hexagon?

Originally released in 2012, this is a game of geometric survival where you must move your triangle left and right as walls approach. You need to move fast, but the energetic feel of the game should help with that. As soon as you crash into a wall, you’ll hear “game over.” So, do your best to get a nice high score to land a spot on the leaderboard. For more on the game, check out our initial review from Christine Chan.

Super HexagonHow to get the game

For Apple Store app users, getting the game is easy. After opening the app, just select Stores. Below the section titled One to One, just slide the carousel until you see the game offer. Tap the game and on the next screen hit Download Now for Free. You will be taken to the App Store where you can click to redeem the pre-populated code. Then, enjoy!

Apple Store GiveawayGreat giveaway

This is a cool little perk for having the Apple Store app and since Super Hexagon is only being given away for a limited time; your best bet is to get it today. The game starts quick and continues to move fast, so have those fingers ready and eyes focused when you start.

The Apple Store app is available for free and Super Hexagon is universal with a $2.99 price tag on the App Store.

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