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I Am Bread, but all I want is to be toast instead

I Am Bread, but all I want is to be toast instead

Pocket Gaming
September 3, 2015

Have you ever wanted to become a piece of toast? Don’t laugh because in this very unusual, quite challenging, and highly imaginative new game, that is all you will want to be. I Am Bread pits you against the dangers of the household, inside and out, as you flip, grip, and climb your way to the toaster.

I Am Bread overview

You start as a delicious, freshly-sliced piece of bread on the kitchen table. Your goal is to make your way across the room to the toaster. Flip yourself to move, fall when it is necessary, but whatever you do, don’t land on the floor. If you do happen to tumble to the dirty tile, you have a very little time to pick yourself up before you become too filthy to eat and must start again.

I Am BreadGame details

Succeed through each level to move onto the next part of the house. There are eight challenging levels in total. The game has a camera slider so that you can see different angles, which is pretty necessary when you land in an odd spot or position. You can also get a birds-eye view of the room so that you do not lose sight of just how far you must move your crusty self to reach the toaster.

I Am BreadGame controls

You can flip easily, but climbing takes some practice. Yes, you must grip and climb cabinets, garbage cans, and whatever else you can to reach your goal and stay off of the ground. The tutorial at the beginning does help and gives you a bit of time to get used the controls. The easiest way to climb is to use two fingers, alternating and sliding up each side of the screen.

Take a look at I Am Bread in action and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Who would have thought being bread was so hard?

I Am Bread has gorgeous graphics and animations with upbeat background music, almost making you believe it would be easy to be bread. But, the game is quite challenging and can become even frustrating at points. Controlling the bread is harder than you would think and I still have not made it out of the kitchen myself. However, the challenge is what makes you want to keep playing and move onto the other rooms of the house, as well as outside.

I Am BreadIf you are up to the challenge too, I Am Bread is a universal game available for $4.99 on the App Store.

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