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Jot ideas and spotlight photos with Paper, now for iPhone

Jot ideas and spotlight photos with Paper, now for iPhone

September 10, 2015

When you need to get something jotted down fast, or make a quick sketch, you need an app that’s both quick and powerful. If you have an iPad, one of the best choices out there is Paper, but what if you don’t have your tablet with you? Thanks to a recent update, now you can have the same convenience, speed, and power right on your iPhone.

Taking notes

With the latest update, Paper now makes creating text in your notes and then styling that text easier than ever. Swipe right on text, and it becomes a checklist. Swipe left to create titles. It’s a great new feature, and adds a lot of power quickly available to use when you want to use Paper to draft an outline or create a quick document.

Paper 1

Excellent photo annotations

You can draw on your photos or quickly spotlight various details. FiftyThree has redesigned the photo treatment from the ground up, and it works very well. In this photo, I decided to spotlight the braid in my beard. Paper grays out the rest of the photo, leaving just the part in full color that I want to showcase. You can tap an area to spotlight, or draw around the section you want to highlight.

Paper 2

Sketches made easy

Paper provides you with a number of useful tools for sketching, from a simple pencil to a fountain pen. You also get auto-shape tools, which will convert your sketching into perfectly-formed circles, ovals, triangles, rectangles, or even stars. If you’re using FiftyThree’s Pencil stylus, the sketching tools even support surface pressure.

Paper 7

Final thoughts

If you need a powerful app that will allow you to take notes, annotate photos, and create sketches, Paper is an excellent resource. You can download Paper on the App Store for free, without any ads or in-app purchases. The software is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8.0 or later.

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Paper - Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches by FiftyThree
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