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Kiss Kiss Die! asks if you will sacrifice your friends

Kiss Kiss Die! asks if you will sacrifice your friends

Pocket Gaming
September 7, 2015

In an unusual game of battle and victory comes Kiss Kiss Die! This new game of strategy takes place in the land of Kissimmee where with every hit to the enemy you give; you must sacrifice the strength of your friends.

Kiss Kiss DieGameplay

The good guys are the colored blocks and the bad guys, called Evil, well, they are obviously the skulls. You can destroy your enemies a few ways. There is a line bomb where you tap two non-adjacent good guys of the same color that in a row or column with a bad guy. This will decrease the strength of the entire line, including your own team. You can also use a bomb that decreases health in an “X” pattern by double-tapping a single good guy.

Kiss Kiss DieSwapping and tips

Sometimes you do not have two good guys of the same color in a row or column to invoke a line bomb, so you must swap them. Just tap two adjacent good guys to switch their spots, but realize this will give the bad guys a point. If your good guys get close to their third life, you have to be really careful how or if you even use them moving forward. Every hit takes strength from your friends.

Take a look at Kiss Kiss Die! and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Lives and scoring

Each guy on the board has three lives, so it takes three hits to defeat them. They get smaller with each hit. If Evil dies, you receive two points and if you die, Evil receives two points. There are more scoring options for hits to good guys as well as bad and your goal is to defeat all Evil on the board to move onto the next level. Also, remember that if you lose 10 good guys in a level, the game is over.

Kiss Kiss DieInteresting game of strategy

The different scoring options take some getting used to, but Kiss Kiss Die! is certainly an interesting game. The sound effects are actually hilarious. With each tap you will hear an “ooh” and with each defeat you will hear a “yeow,” both of which are pretty funny. Overall, the game is enjoyable and really does make you think and plan ahead.

Kiss Kiss Die! is available for $1.99 on the App Store with no in-app purchases.

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