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Let’s hatch some dinosaur Eggs!

Let’s hatch some dinosaur Eggs!

Pocket Gaming
September 30, 2015

A brand new puzzle game released today, Sept. 30, challenges you to do one simple thing, hatch dinosaur eggs. In Eggs! you will have to tap to hatch within a move and time limit. It sounds easy, but with each tap you invert the adjacent eggs. So, strategize and plan ahead in order to move onto the next level.

Eggs!How to play

In each of the 200 puzzling levels, you are presented with a group of dinosaur eggs in different visual patterns. Tap an egg to hatch it, but remember that all adjacent eggs will invert when you tap. This means that you may have three hatched eggs, however, tapping to hatch the last one may invert those you already hatched to unhatched statuses.

Eggs!Overall thoughts

Eggs! is a challenging puzzle game due to both the move and time limits per level. So, you really do have to try to plan ahead, but do so quickly. The hatched dinosaurs are cute and the funky background tune reminds me of a ‘70s cop show music intro. This is all good stuff. However, the game directions remain on the top of screen throughout every level, which seems a bit unnecessary, and the ads along the bottom are a little distracting. But, overall Eggs! is a bubbly puzzle game with the right amount of challenge to make you want to keep playing.

Eggs! is universal, ad-supported, and available for $1.99 on the App Store.

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