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Now Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition tests you on your iPhone

Now Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition tests you on your iPhone

Pocket Gaming
September 3, 2015

Last month we told you about a popular PC game landing on the App Store for iPad. Today, Sept. 3, Klei Entertainment takes things a step further by putting Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition on the iPhone. In this game of true survival, you enter a mysterious world where you start alone in the middle of a forest and must gather your resources. You will help Wilson the scientist use his skills to last through the elements and avoid dangers while he searches for a way home.

Collect items and tools

You just tap to grab items you can eat and tools you can use for building items. You will see everything you collect in your inventory along the bottom of the screen. Use items you find such as twigs and flint to create a torch when it starts getting dark. Just keep scoping out the area to gather items that can be examined and used.

Don't Starve iPhoneDangers are lurking

There are all sorts of dangers creeping around in this game. Watch out for buzzing beehives and weird creatures in the worm hole, among other things. And, when it starts getting dark you better prepare. Here is a peek at Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition from its iPad release. Click here if you cannot view the video:

Final comments

The 2-D graphics look nice on the iPhone and the controls work pretty smoothly so far. Remember, you will not get much help in this game, so you need to figure things out without a tutorial, screen tips, or guide. Be resourceful, be smart, and be careful. Can you survive?

Don't Starve iPhoneDon’t Starve: Pocket Edition is currently available for $4.99 on the App Store and is now a universal download. You will need at least an iPhone 5 to play on your phone and your game data can be backed up to iCloud.

In other game news this week, Catch a cloud to fly high in Jump Sky or Play the mad scientist and solve puzzles in the Spill Zone.

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