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Only you can save the princess, brave knight SirVival

Only you can save the princess, brave knight SirVival

Pocket Gaming
September 25, 2015

The precious Princess Parsnip has been kidnapped by a wicked dragon named Maelstrom. It is up to you, the brave knight SirVival, to take charge upon your trusty steed Tantrum to save her. Watch the medieval story unfold as you collect valuable coins, uncover hidden treasures, and fight your enemies in this enjoyable endless runner.

SirVivalSirVival gameplay

In this side-scrolling adventure, you simply tap to jump over fire, pits, and other obstacles while collecting coins and magical items. When an evil enemy nears, tap to attack and continue on your way. Some enemies are airborne, so you will need to stay alert in order to jump and attack at the same time. Make your way through each level in the kingdom of Galgamar to unlock tools and weapons to assist you on your quest. Take a look at SirVival in action and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Other game features

There are many game achievements to master in SirVival. Since the game is available on multiple platforms, you can always stay in sync by connecting to Facebook. Visit the shop and use your coins to purchase additional lives or to upgrade your gear.

SirVivalEnchanting quest

SirVival brings the challenge of an endless runner together with a charming tale of a knight racing to save a princess. The game graphics are stunning with vibrant colors and lively animations. Even the jolly music and entertaining sound effects are pleasant additions to the overall experience. If you enjoy endless running games that bring a fun story, then you will like SirVival.

SirVival is universal and available for free on the App Store. The game is ad-supported and offers in-app purchases.

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