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Pixelmator is fully ramped up for iOS 9 in its latest update

Pixelmator is fully ramped up for iOS 9 in its latest update

September 23, 2015

When iOS 9 released, it brought a number of outstanding new features to the iPad, such as Split View and Slide Over multitasking. These features are only as good as the apps that support them, and one of my favorite image editing programs has recently been updated to better incorporate everything that iOS 9 allows. Pixelmator now works seamlessly on iOS 9 and takes full advantage of its latest features and technologies.

1. Pixelmator for iOS 9

Multitasking support

With the latest additions to multitasking support, you can use Split View to work with Pixelmator and any other app simultaneously. In Slide Over, you can quickly open a second app without leaving your image editing program, and even Picture in Picture is supported to edit your photo while you’re video chatting or watching a movie.

3. Pixelmator for iPad and Multitasking

Open and edit 8K resolution images

With the latest update to Pixelmator, you can open and edit incredibly large, stunning-quality 8K resolution images. This means that even if you have a 64 megapixel camera, you can edit the photos in full resolution directly on your iPad or iPhone. Even better, the new Open in Place feature is fully supported, allowing you to edit those images from anywhere you want and save them in the exact same location. No more saving copies and importing them back where you want.

2. Pixelmator with 8K Support

Updates done right

The team at Pixelmator believes in adopting the latest enhancements to the operating system, and this latest update showcases that philosophy. Pixelmator is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is available on the App Store for $4.99.

For more apps that take advantage of enhancements like Picture in Picture, check out Sandy Stachowiak’s article on the feature.

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