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Play the mad scientist and solve puzzles in the Spill Zone

Play the mad scientist and solve puzzles in the Spill Zone

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September 1, 2015

If you love a good puzzle game, then the new Spill Zone might be just what the doctor, or scientist, ordered. Requesting your help in the lab, you must spill chemicals onto others in order to finish with a single color. Experiment with mastering your strategy, but be choosy at the same time because you only have a limited amount of moves to achieve your goal.

Spill Zone gameplay

You will start each of the 100 colorful levels with varying amounts of chemicals on the game board. Tap a starting color and drag your finger to an adjacent one to change it. With a goal of making the entire board one color, plan your moves carefully and ahead of time to continue on.

Spill Zone PlayObtaining stars

Earn stars by completing levels as close to the move limit as possible. You will earn three stars for reaching the goal perfectly, two stars for completing it within one move, and three stars for finishing within two moves. The more stars you can earn, the better, because they can be used to purchase hints and more chemicals.

Take a look at Spill Zone and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Other game details

You can play a single-player game to solve puzzles and move through the levels on your own. There is also a multi-player option with Game Center support. You only have five lives when you begin Spill Zone and will lose one each time you do not complete a level within two moves of the goal. Your lives recharge every hour or you can choose to invite friends or make an in-app purchase for more.

Spill Zone PlayChallenging puzzles

Spill Zone, as you would guess, is a colorful game. Enjoy playing the mad scientist with lighthearted background music and nice animations. The puzzles are more challenging than expected. You really do have to strategize ahead of time to make the right moves so that you do not go well beyond the move limit and lose a life.

Spill Zone is a universal game available for free on the App Store. It is ad-supported with the in-app purchase mentioned earlier for additional lives.

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