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Say good-bye to ads and trackers with Handblock

Say good-bye to ads and trackers with Handblock

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September 28, 2015

Don’t you just love those little ads that pop up in Safari when visiting your favorite websites on your iPhone or iPad? And, what about those tracking URLs and cookies, are you a fan of those too? If you would like to eliminate these the nuisances when all you want to do is check the latest news or trending stories, then Handblock can help. This new app works directly with Safari to give you a more pleasant browsing experience.

Handblock How to set up Handblock

The app, released just yesterday, Sept. 27 gives you your browsing experience back. It blocks ads, tracking URLs, and cookies from Safari on your mobile device. After installing Handblock you simply activate the app, then head over to your settings to configure the browser. Once in your settings, select Safari, then Content Blockers, and enable Handblock. That’s it.

Handblock No more ads

In order to check out the ad-blocking feature of Handblock, I went to several of my preferred websites that I know contain ads of some sort. I was pleasantly surprised. I went to each site before enabling Handblock to see the amounts and locations of the ads. After activating the app, I went back to each site and presto, no more ads. This included those that pop out as you are scrolling the page to those that pop in from the top or bottom.

So, check out Handblock and get back to carefree browsing. The app is universal and available for $1.99 on the App Store.

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Handblock - Block Ads and Trackers for Safari
Handblock - Block Ads and Trackers for Safari
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