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Track and view all of your activities in an Instant

Track and view all of your activities in an Instant

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September 23, 2015

You keep track of how far you have walked or how many steps you have taken with your activity app. You open your travel or maps app to see how far you have gone or how long you have been in a certain spot. But, what if you could review all of this activity with just one app? This is Instant, an app that tracks these activities and more and then rolls them into one clean dashboard.

What does Instant track?

From device usage to locations to fitness, Instant keeps tabs on all of it for you.

  • See how long you have used your device plus how many times you unlocked it.
  • Review the places you have traveled with a map view.
  • Check time spent walking, running, and traveling along with the number of steps taken.

Instant DashboardYour personal dashboard

The app displays a simple dashboard for reviewing all of your activities. Each section for device usage, places, and fitness contains a history so that you can see patterns over time. You can also view helpful graphs for your device usage and fitness activities for a quick update.

Instant DashboardNice and simple

Instant does not overcomplicate with its easy interface and useful dashboard. The app keeps things neat and tidy on the main screen and viewing the history and graphs of your activities is really simple. If you are looking for a single app to track and view your activities, then Instant might be just the one for you.

Instant is designed for iPhone and available for $2.99 on the App Store.

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