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Travel through time and space with Cosmic Watch

Travel through time and space with Cosmic Watch

The World Around You
September 25, 2015

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between time and the universe? It is really a very fascinating topic that many have not had the opportunity to fully understand. Luckily there is an app that teaches us about it called Cosmic Watch. This 3-D astronomical time device is an interactive learning app that helps educate us on what we see in that night sky and how it all connects.

Cosmic WatchCosmic Watch features

The app comes with several wonderful features in an attractive interface:

  • Enable your current position to see your real-time place in space
  • Check the world clock for the time anywhere on Earth
  • Locate all of the planets and view their past, present, or future positions
  • Access the solar eclipse detector so you are ready for those special moments
  • See the astral chart to view the planets in retrograde
  • Use the digital orrery to see the solar system from a different aspect

Cosmic WatchSo much to explore

Cosmic Watch has a beautiful interactive design and animations. As you explore the various features and move the Earth easily by sliding it on the screen, the cosmos really come alive. Zoom in and out, view the constellations and their locations, see the celestial rings, and check out the equatorial coordinates. There is a lot packed into this educational tool to discover and learn.

Cosmic WatchCosmic Watch is universal and available for $3.99 on the App Store.

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