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Type away from the ordinary with the Next Keyboard

Type away from the ordinary with the Next Keyboard

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September 3, 2015

There are plenty of keyboard apps on the App Store that have wonderful features. But, if you are looking for one that brings a little more to those keys of yours, then check out Next Keyboard. This app does not just provide different themes and colors; it brings features that make typing efficient as well as fun.

Next Keyboard Themes

Coolest, most convenient features

There are a few definite standout features with Next Keyboard. First, you can stop using your finger to move your cursor to a previous spot. With this keyboard you simply hold down and slide along the space bar to move the cursor. Second, you can easily delete an entire word by swiping the backspace key. So, no longer do you have to click it five times to remove the word “loser” from your text message. Third is the emoji prediction feature. Type “smile” and the smiley shows up in your prediction bar. Or, type “cry” and see the crying one. Then, just tap to replace your word with the emoji.

Next Keyboard EmojiMore great options

Next Keyboard has many themes for you to choose from so that you get just the right look for your keys. From shiny silver to rich gold to a pretty sunset, pick your theme and you’re set. Along with the standard emojis, you can also use stickers. Hungry for tacos? Send your spouse the happy taco sticker. Want to express your love? Text the dinosaur with hearts to your sweetie.

Next Keyboard StickersSmooth experience

I have to admit I was leery when first trying out Next Keyboard. I thought, “what makes this one so special?” But, after using those standout features I was hooked. Those three little conveniences just make typing and moving through your keyboard easier. In addition, the customization options and stickers just add to the overall pleasantness of this app.

Check out a preview of Next Keyboard and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Next Keyboard is designed for iPhone and available for $3.99 on the App Store.

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