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Apple TV's new App Store will have plenty to choose from

Apple TV's new App Store will have plenty to choose from

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October 27, 2015

Whether you’re thinking about ordering a new Apple TV, or you’ve already ordered it, you might be wondering what apps will be in store for you when you receive your new set top box on Friday. The good news is that plenty of developers are already announcing their titles for the new Apple TV, so the App Store should be well stocked for you. Here are a few of the upcoming apps and games for your television.

Mr Jump

On the iPhone and iPad, this game won an Apple App Store Editor’s Choice award. The addictive platformer accrued more than 15 million downloads, and it’s coming to the Apple TV. You’ll be able to use the Siri Remote touchpad to control Mr Jump, navigating the various platforms and obstacles in each level. If you download Mr Jump now on the App Store, it will automatically appear on your Apple TV when it arrives. Check out the action below. Just click here if the video fails to load.

Withings Home

One of the coolest apps, especially for parents, will be Withings Home on the Apple TV. The app will work with Withings’ video monitoring hardware, so you can add video surveillance to every room of your house and view it all from your living room. The app will support streaming as many as four live videos at the same time, so you’ll be able to check in on everybody in the house at the same time.


Streaks Workout

Streaks has announced its own workout app for Apple TV, which should be available when the tvOS App Store launches. It features a beautiful design, bold images, and typography that should stand out well on the television. The goal of the app is for you to do a workout every day, which you can customize based on your level of fitness and how much free time you have.


While Plex will be making its own official Apple TV client, a third-party app that integrates with the library is already set to launch. Simplex Video will stream your full Plex library directly to your Apple TV, using an interface that is very close to the Apple iTunes Movies experience.


More coming soon

These are just a few of the apps that have already been announced for Apple TV. Stay tuned for more news and launch announcements, as well as our full coverage of the Apple TV when it begins to arrive on our doorsteps.

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Mr Jump
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