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Be a daredevil and leap man-eating sharks in Evel Knievel

Be a daredevil and leap man-eating sharks in Evel Knievel

Pocket Gaming
October 23, 2015

For years, Evel Knievel was the face of death-defying stunts. From his humble beginning jumping rattlesnakes and lions to an absolutely insane leap over the Las Vegas Casino Fountain, Knievel thrilled audiences throughout his career. Now, you can relive the daredevil’s stunts through Barnstorm Games’ Evel Knievel, new on the App Store.

Starting small

You begin Knievel’s career just as he did, with the 250cc Scrambler jumping over rattlesnakes and lions. Of course, you also have to navigate flaming hoops, springboards, cranes, and many other exciting obstacles. As you step your way up to longer and more frightening jumps, you earn will learn how to control the motorcycle both in the air and on the ground with simple two-finger controls.


Earning motorcycles and outfits

With each jump you complete, there is money to be earned. Use that money to buy new motorcycles and outfits, including Knievel’s iconic white and blue leathers and the jet-powered Stratocycle. There are 11 bikes to purchase, along with eight outfits and 20 helmets.

Evel Knievel - Bikes - 16X9 - 2208x1242

Goals and new jumps to unlock

Along the way, you’ll complete goals that earn you experience points to level up Knievel. Each new level allows you to improve the rider’s strength, charisma, or agility. You’ll also unlock as many as 27 challenging jumps in nine historic locations, including a jump over 13 London buses, a death-defying leap over man-eating sharks in Chicago, and of course the thrilling flight over the Las Vegas Casino Fountain.


Get your motor revved up

Evel Knievel is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is available for $1.99 on the App Store. The game requires iOS 7.0 or later to play, and does not include any ads or in-app purchases. Watch some of the exciting action below, or click here if the video doesn’t show up.

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