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Be a fiend and break up the happy couple in Damn Love

Be a fiend and break up the happy couple in Damn Love

Pocket Gaming
October 12, 2015

Oh yes, the lovely couple, aren’t they adorable? If you are over their cute-pie sweetness, are feeling a bit evil, and are ready to break them up, then now is your chance. Damn Love is a game where your devilish mission is to make sure the rich, famous, high-society couple who is madly in love, calls it quits.

Damn LoveHow to play

Damn Love will present you with that power couple, whether it is a surgeon and a model or an actress and a millionaire. You will then battle your opponent to see which of you can break up the happy couple. You will compete in several rounds where you must choose which of the two situations would cause the biggest problem for the couple. If you are correct, you’ll score. The ultimate goals are to destroy that relationship, outscore your opponent, and increase your ranking.

Damn Love

Damn Love creator

The game was created by E. Jean Carroll, long-running advice columnist for Elle Magazine and former writer for “Saturday Night Live” and Esquire. As Carroll states on the Damn Love website:

So here’s a perfect game for the weird time we live in. A game where we can all have fun NOT dating—just ditching. Chances are it’s going to happen to all of us next week anyway! We may as well learn to recognize the signs tonight!

Game extras

If you think you are good at terminating those happy, unbreakable relationships, you can submit your own tactics within the game. You can then invite some of your friends to see who has better break-up skills or chat with and follow random opponents.

Damn LoveDo you have what it takes?

Damn Love has a super simple interface, neat glass-breaking sound effects, a classical music intro, and comical yet attractive cartoon art-style graphics. If you think you know what will split up a couple who is madly, hopelessly in love, then give the game a go. I thought I knew exactly what it would take to break up the couples that I was presented, but soon found out that I am considered “too sweet.” I guess I better hone my relationship-destroying skills and keep trying.

Damn Love is universal and available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases.

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Damn Love - a cruel game for posh people
Damn Love - a cruel game for posh people
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