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Create amazing videos with ease in Adobe Premiere Clip

Create amazing videos with ease in Adobe Premiere Clip

October 16, 2015

As one of the app upgrades announced by the Creative Cloud maker at Adobe Max, the video editing program Premiere Clip was brought up to version 2.0 with some amazing new features. I’ve gone hands-on with this feature-packed update, and found the app even more easy to use and full of creative potential. There are plenty of new features and bug-fixes in Premiere Clip, but four really stand out.

Create videos in a snap, automatically

Within Adobe Premiere Clip, you can select the photos and even other video clips you want in your production. You can then choose from one of the included soundtrack songs, or select your own track. Premiere Clip will automatically create your video, transitioning from image to image at a pace you select and synchronized to the beat of your soundtrack. The resulting video can be edited in the frame-by-frame freeform editor or shared directly to your camera roll or to Creative Cloud. You can also export it to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro on the desktop or send the video straight to YouTube.

Synchronize to the beat of your own music

Once you’ve set the pace for your video progression, Adobe Premiere Clip will synchronize your photos and videos to the beat of the music you’ve chosen. Whether you choose a fast, upbeat video or something more slow-paced and nostalgic, the app performs beautifully in creating a gorgeous production that you can share with others or just save for your own personal enjoyment.


Set your images in motion

Adobe Premiere Clip is a fantastic way to take images from an event, or even just a collection of images of your favorite things, and set them to motion. If you select an individual image, Premiere Clip will subtly zoom in and out on the image, providing you with a short video clip that is much more interesting than some still photographs.

Edit your videos

When you go into the freeform editor, you get plenty of new options to personalize and customize your video. You can apply filters to the footage, set fade in or out, and even crossfade between clips. You can also set the individual clip times for each of your images or videos, giving you a full range of customization options to truly make the video your own.


One drawback, but it’s a minor one

The only downside to this free-to-use app is the fact that everyone might know you used it. The end of every video has an Adobe Premiere Clip splash screen, but you can disable it by turning off “Add Bumper” from the app’s settings. That’s a minor shortcoming, in my opinion, given the amount of video editing power Adobe has provided in this app.


Getting Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8.1 or later. It’s available for free on the App Store without ads or in-app purchases, but you will need at least a free basic level of Creative Cloud membership.

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