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DNA Play lets kids create silly monsters as they learn

DNA Play lets kids create silly monsters as they learn

Pocket Gaming
October 14, 2015

Games for kids that are not only fun, but educational at the same time are always welcome additions. The new monster-creating game DNA Play lets your children create tons of colorful, kooky creatures as they learn about how our body’s genes can change our appearance.

DNA PlayGame overview

This upbeat teaching game has your children ages 4 to 11 creating creatures with DNA puzzles. You will see a DNA string at the top and just slide the puzzle pieces into the correct spots based on their shapes. Once all of the strings are complete, the real fun begins. Your child can rearrange all genes in the string and see how it changes the look of the monster. From their head to the mouth to their body to their feet, the hilarious changes are simply enjoyable to see.

Here is a preview of DNA Play. Just click here if you cannot view the video:

After each monster has been initially created, you will see some funny animations. There may be falling food to feed the creatures, a music player for him or her to do a jig, or a bouquet of flowers given to them. Each animation is comical and cute. You can move your monster around a bit by sliding them left and right or making them jump and squat. You can also go back to previously-created creatures and change them up.

DNA PlayParent-only section

To access this section, you will just perform an action like holding down a certain number for a specific amount of time. Once inside, you can adjust settings for the saving of monster snapshots to your photo library, showing only vegetarian options for hungry creatures, getting help during gameplay, and automatically saving monsters.

DNA PlayTerrific concept and gameplay

DNA Play is a lively, entertaining way for kids to learn about how the way we look comes from our genes. The possibilities are endless to the number of different monsters that can be created and altered. The animations are also very enjoyable and can have your kids laughing while they learn.

DNA Play is universal and available for $2.99 on the App Store with no in-app purchases or ads.

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