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Enter the gothic daydream Afterland, a collectible card game

Enter the gothic daydream Afterland, a collectible card game

Pocket Gaming
October 2, 2015

Take a cryptic journey, build your rare card collection, and protect Afterland from darkness taking over in this new game described as a gothic daydream. Afterland, from Imaginary Games, is an unusual, dark-themed, card game where you will search for lost souls, forbidden candy, and buy items with fish heads.

AfterlandThe journey

Begin your quest by clearing your paths of evil using powerful cards. Each card in your collection has an amount of magic and protection attached. So, arrange your cards for the best attack layout to succeed in your journey. Move through the different levels of Livid, Larium, and Lotus and keep an eye on the energy you use for your attacks.

AfterlandThe cards

There are 96 stunning cards to collect, from Aristocrats to Widowers. You can sell cards to obtain forbidden candy which can be used to upgrade those cards you still hold in your collection. Some cards may also be combined for increased power.

From Imaginary Games cofounder, Elin Jonsson:

Afterland introduces new audiences to a gothic reimagining of the CCG genre that has traditionally been the terrain of male players.

AfterlandOddly fascinating

Afterland is truly one of the strangest yet most intriguing games I have seen, but all in the best ways. The gameplay is simple where you clear the paths by destroying enemy cards in front you. It is the unusually engaging story, the dark but interesting card collection, the creepy carnival-like music, and the completely striking graphics that make this a totally fascinating game.

Afterland is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchases for additional game items such as candy and fish heads.

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