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Feeling froggy? Hop your way through traffic with Froodie

Feeling froggy? Hop your way through traffic with Froodie

Pocket Gaming
October 7, 2015

Most of us remember the classic Frogger arcade game from the ‘80s where we guided our little frog through traffic while avoiding obstacles and even catching a ride on an alligator to get across the river. In that same spirit comes a game called Froodie, where you will once again save your frog from danger while helping him hop to his goal.

FroodieFroodie gameplay

Moving Froodie to his destination is done simply by swiping. Swipe left, right, up, or down to make the green guy jump. You will hop through the streets avoiding cars, trucks, and potholes while collecting valuable coins along the way. And, be sure to keep an eye on the time ticking away because you are limited.

FroodieFroodie extras

With those treasured coins you collect, you will be able to buy special powers for Froodie. You can obtain and use protective shields, bouncy springs, and powerful drills to help your froggy on his journey. You can also dress up your frog using coins for sunglasses, shoes, or a hat. There are different worlds with plenty of levels and even bonus levels to hop towards.

FroodieJust simple fun

Froodie is fun for a quick game fix. The graphics are almost arcade-like as are the sounds. The inclusion of special powers makes the game more enjoyable and it does bring its own set of challenges just like the original Frogger. So, if you were a fan of that frog of the ‘80s hop over to App Store and check out Froodie.

Froodie is designed for iPhone and available for free on the App Store with in-app purchase options for more coins.

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