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Fuel your spaceship and explore the galaxy in Los Aliens

Fuel your spaceship and explore the galaxy in Los Aliens

Pocket Gaming
October 8, 2015

Okay little green alien, it’s time to fuel that ship and check out some planets. In the new, upbeat, space-themed puzzle Los Aliens your mission is to burn lines of Quarks to power your ship, capture space creatures like Onespires, and seek out new life and civilizations.

Los AliensHow to play Los Aliens

Los Aliens is a unique puzzle experience where you begin as the alien Goku and must power your spaceship with fuel. To do this, you move in L-shaped patterns to available highlighted squares on the game board. Your goal is displayed for each level which can include burning up a certain amount of lines for fuel or catching those quirky space creatures. Check out this neat game video and just click here if you cannot view it:

Other game details

Los Aliens has 170 colorful, challenging levels, six different unlockable aliens, and move plus time limited gameplay. There is Game Center support with 26 achievements and a leaderboard. You can also connect to Facebook to store your game data, check out your friends’ game progress, and proudly share your results easily.

Los AliensFun puzzle adventure

Los Aliens is challenging but very entertaining and fun. The game feature of holding down the available squares to see where your next moves can be is valuable and definitely helps to plan your strategy. The graphics contain vibrant colors, the animations are well-done and attractive, and the audio effects are, of course, lively galactic blasts and spaceship-sounding zaps.

Los Aliens is universal and available for free on the App Store. The game is ad-supported and there are in-app purchase options for removing those ads or obtaining more spaceships.

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