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Get a whole new take on weather forecasts with Sunshine

Get a whole new take on weather forecasts with Sunshine

October 7, 2015

Most weather apps rely on government or crowdsourced sensor data to provide you with current conditions and forecasts. For really up-to-the-minute information, though, you’ve always been at the mercy of when Weather Underground or the government service last updated their feed. With Sunshine – Personal, accurate weather forecasts, though, you have the ability to use the power of your iPhone to get the weather. The cofounder and CEO of Sunshine points out how the app hopes to revolutionize how users find out weather forecasts while also improve them.

We’ve long had to deal with low quality, ugly and generic weather forecasts and apps that offer inaccurate weather reporting. This is why we’re excited to introduce Sunshine to the world and to finally help and improve the accuracy of weather forecasting in real-time. At Sunshine we’ve worked hard to ensure that our nowcasts will change the way people think about weather, and for the first time people will have the power to improve their country’s weather forecasting at the street-level.

Your iPhone as a weather station

Sunshine utilizes the sensors inside your iPhone to provide you with weather data. The app overlays its own proprietary algorithm over existing data, hyper-local user reports, and your iOS device’s sensors to provide you with weather data that the developers say is 36 percent more accurate than any other service on the market.


Notifications when you need them

I’ve gotten used to checking my Today Screen or my Apple Watch for weather information. While Sunshine does not yet have an Apple Watch companion, it does feature a very handy notification, adjustable to provide you with a daily forecast at the time you need it most. You can even let the app know your comfort zone, temperature-wise, and it will advise you if you’ll need an extra layer of clothes or not.


Getting the forecast

Sunshine – Personal, accurate weather forecasts is designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is available for free on the App Store. There are no ads or in-app purchases within the app.

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