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Grab your paper and a day of digital access with The New York Times

Grab your paper and a day of digital access with The New York Times

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October 13, 2015

Starting today, Oct. 13, there will be an extra surprise inside the copy of The New York Times you purchase at the newsstand. As part of a trial designed to provide newsstand customers with a similar benefit to home delivery subscribers, The New York Times is offering free digital day passes to the news outlet’s website and mobile apps to anybody who purchases a print paper from one of the 48,000 newsstands in the United States.


This marks the first time The New York Times has offered a digital day pass. Home subscribers receive complimentary All Digital Access, and The New York Times wants to expose retail customers to the benefits of that service. Through the digital experience, readers can enjoy real-time news updates, video, interactives, and blogs only available through The New York Times’ website.


Here’s how it works. When you buy a copy of The New York Times from Starbucks, Hudson News locations, or any of the other 48,000 retailers nationwide that carry the newspaper, you will find a keyword inside that you send to a mobile shortcode via text message. In response, you’ll get a link to activate your digital access. Simply log into The New York Times’ website or register for an account to redeem the code. Once that’s done, you’ll have unlimited digital access until 11:59 p.m. EDT on the day the code was distributed and redeemed.


This is a good added bonus for purchasing the newspaper, since it allows readers to take in even more of the daily news as it happens. It also could increase the readership of the blogs The New York Times has to offer, so it will be interesting to see how well the promotion performs.

NYTimes – Breaking National & World News is a free download on the App Store, without any ads. It does, however, include in-app purchases for a subscription, but that’s not necessary if you are using a digital day pass.

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