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Kill some time with your Apple Watch playing ColourBind

Kill some time with your Apple Watch playing ColourBind

Pocket Gaming
October 1, 2015

Okay Apple Watch wearers, if you are looking for a real quick game that tests your brain, it’s here. ColourBind is perfect when you have a few minutes, or even seconds, to kill. Remember what you see on your Watch, look again, and then pick the only one correct answer.

How to play

ColourBind has a very simple concept and goal. Open it on your Watch and look down at the various colored blocks. Turn your wrist away so the screen goes off and then bring it back to see most block colors changed. Do this again until you are prompted to choose the only block that did not change color each time you looked away.

ColourBind Just not easy

At first I thought ColourBind would be an extremely easy game, but I was wrong. The block colors can be so close in shade that no one color really stands out. Most of the colors are also very dim, earthy shades, rather than bright ones, so this makes the game even more difficult. If you are in the market for a quick game fix made just for the Apple Watch, then give ColourBind a try.


ColourBind is available for iPhone and Apple Watch. It is a free game with no ads on the App Store.

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