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Lead your warriors to save the kingdom in Seven Knights

Lead your warriors to save the kingdom in Seven Knights

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October 15, 2015

If you are ready for a new adventure, one that puts you as a warrior in order to keep peace in the land, then Seven Knights might be just the game for you. In this new role-playing game you will build your team of heroes, battle enemies using special skills, and defeat the God of Destruction.

Seven KnightsGame overview

Enlist your team of warriors like the leader Evan and his Shield of Order and the priest Karin who has healing power. Then make your way to the battlefield beginning in the Mystic Woods and fighting your way to the Blazing Desert and Dragon Ruins. Here is a preview of Seven Knights, just click here if you are unable to view it:

Game modes

Customize your team’s formation and manage their skills as you enjoy several different game modes:

  • Adventure Mode is where you train your group of warriors
  • Battle Mode allows you to fight in a duel against other players
  • Celestial Tower has you battling in levels that get harder as you go
  • Daily Dungeon lets you obtain Hero Supplements
  • Castle Rush has you earn the honor of being the best guild

Seven KnightsAction-packed adventure

There is so much to explore and delve into with Seven Knights for those who really enjoy role-playing adventures. The graphics and animations are beautiful and the sound effects and knightly music add to the experience. So, if you are ready to immerse yourself in a new RPG as a brave warrior to defeat the enemy and bring peace, Seven Knights is a good choice.

Seven Knights is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are many in-app purchase options for in-game currencies and other items.

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