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Make magic in the new puzzler Cauldron Quest: A Witch's Tale

Make magic in the new puzzler Cauldron Quest: A Witch's Tale

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October 14, 2015

Take a fun-filled journey across a mystical land as Spellma the witch in Cauldron Quest: A Witch’s Tale. This new sliding puzzle game will have you mixing potions, casting spells, and collecting magical items. Your quest will take you through the kingdom to enchanted forests and glorious castles as you pass through every enjoyable level.

Cauldron QuestCauldron Quest gameplay

In this sliding tile puzzle game, you will swipe to match items on the screen. When you slide the tiles, all of them will move in that direction. You will begin by making matches of gems to produce powder to create potions. Check out Cauldron Quest in action and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Game details

Cauldron Quest has 60 challenging puzzles to solve and three different game modes. Earn witch’s hats and gold coins and then upgrade your witch by bettering your magical skills. While you begin with simple gems and potions, you will eventually move onto boards that contain obstacles like and iron or mining blocks.

Cauldron QuestUpbeat and colorful

Cauldron Quest is a lively puzzle game with cute characters, vibrant colors, and nifty sound effects. Of course, the puzzles get gradually more difficult as you move through the levels, but that is expected. And, there is something new to discover each time, like eliminating green slime or sweeping up ugly spiders. Overall, it is a fun gaming experience and if you are a sliding puzzle fan then you should enjoy this one.

Cauldron Quest: A Witch’s Tale is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchase options for additional gold coins.

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