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Mosband reminds you to do those thoughtful little things

Mosband reminds you to do those thoughtful little things

Getting Stuff Done
October 13, 2015

Relationships take work, as we all know. But, there are many times when doing just those little things can make the one we love happy. Unfortunately, we often forget to do something thoughtful or just run out of fresh ideas. A new app seeks to help remind you to do something nice for your wife, girlfriend, or partner on a regular basis and provides suggestions. It’s called Mosband and derives its name from “model husband.”

MosbandHow Mosband works

You can simply open the app and browse through ideas. For instance, you will see suggestions like bring home a bouquet of flowers, plan a romantic picnic, or cook a delicious breakfast. When you see an idea that isn’t quite right, just tap to go to the next one. When you have used one of the suggestions, just click the check mark.

MosbandApp reminders

You can choose to have a reminder pop up with Mosband so that you never forget to do something sweet. This can be set for once a week, every weekday, or every single day. You can also enter the date that you two got together and receive a reminder for your anniversary.

MosbandFor more than husbands

Mosband may be geared towards husbands or boyfriends, but could certainly be used by anyone. Almost everyone could use new ideas for letting that special person know how much they are loved. The reminders are good features as well because we all know that when you live a busy life full of work, school, family, errands, and household chores, it can be easy to let performing thoughtful actions slip our minds.

Mosband is designed for iPhone and available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases.

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