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Never wonder again where that file or photo is with Cubes

Never wonder again where that file or photo is with Cubes

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October 29, 2015

So, you received a file, maybe a Word document you need for a meeting or a photo you want to show your mom. The problem is, you cannot remember where the item is. Did it come to your Gmail or Exchange account? Did you save it already and if so where, maybe Dropbox? And, so the aggravating search begins. With Cubes – Your Digital Valet you never have to wonder again because this handy new app organizes all of your email attachments and Dropbox items by type and displays them all in nifty cubes.

CubesAdding channels

To get started, just add your channels which are the accounts you want to connect. Most email clients are supported including Gmail, iCloud Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365. The app will take a few minutes the first time you set up your channels to build your cubes. When it’s ready, you will see your photos, media, Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint items, PDFs, and links organized quite neatly. So, you will not have to search through different email accounts or folders, just pop open a cube.

CubesChannel support

Currently Cubes connects with the email accounts listed above as well as a custom account you can set up. In addition, Cubes can connect your contacts and your Dropbox account. Coming soon and already on the menu, you will be able to connect your Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts which will definitely make the app even more robust.

CubesSleek design

Cubes has a very attractive interface that works in both portrait and landscape views. It also allows you to create custom cubes based off of specific items. The most recently opened cube is shown at the top when you open the app, which is convenient. And, when opening any cube, you see a nice display of the items inside in a grid form along with brief information that is easy to read. I love the concept, design, and ease-of-use of Cubes, the time it will save me, and am looking forward to the upcoming channel additions.

Cubes – Your Digital Valet is universal and available for free on the App Store.

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