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Now kids can spend a fun-filled day with Albert on Apple TV

Now kids can spend a fun-filled day with Albert on Apple TV

Pocket Gaming
October 30, 2015

The charming, upbeat game Albert is now available for Apple TV, so your kids can enjoy their whimsical adventure on the big screen. They can follow Albert through his entire day by helping him snooze his alarm clocks, blow bubbles with his gum, and even go for an entertaining drive.

AlbertGame features

Albert has 20 lively adventures with colorful paper-made graphics and amusing sound effects. Reach the goal for each level and earn up to three stars to continue on the day’s journey. The game uses touch, tilt, and the microphone on your mobile devices, which makes each enjoyable, mini game adventure a little different. Take a peek at Albert in this video preview and just click here if you cannot see it:

Game extras

Your kids can hunt for treasures along their journey, with 24 to be found. Each level can be played over, so if the hidden treasure isn’t found, they can try again. There is Game Center support with 24 achievements and a leaderboard. Albert also has some really neat 3-D visuals, so spin him around and turn your device from side-to-side for those cool effects.

AlbertJust great fun

Albert is intended for children ages 6 to 8, but the game is actually fun for most any age. Grab toast from the toaster, match the pairs of socks, and catch the falling raindrops with your kids for a day full of playful activities. It will be really exciting to see how the game looks on Apple TV and should make for an even more delightful experience for all.

Albert is universal and available for $2.99 on the App Store.

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