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Personal puts cool emojis or text on your Apple Watch face

Personal puts cool emojis or text on your Apple Watch face

That iThingy You're Wearing
October 13, 2015

Taking those Apple Watch complications up a level is a new app called Personal. This nifty tool lets you use emojis and text for your complications to really spruce up your Watch faces. So easy to set up and use, this app will bring out your creativity and let you put your personality right on your wrist.

PersonalWhat and where

The app on your iPhone has a nice display of what you can use and where. Emojis, modular boxes, short lines of text, wide lines of text, and modular lines are clearly displayed for which Watch face they can be used on. For editing the emojis and text, just pop open the app on your Apple Watch. Just select from an emoji or use voice dictation for your text.

PersonalEndless possibilities

This type of customization for Apple Watch faces just brings a new level of personalization your wearable. Add some cute ghosts for Halloween or yummy turkey legs for Thanksgiving. Leave yourself a note about where you parked your car or add an inspirational quote to get motivated. It’s all up to you.

PersonalHave some fun

Personal is a terrific way to make your Watch face really stand out, display useful information, or just show off your personality. After downloading and installing the app on your iPhone and Apple Watch, just make sure to enable complications for Personal within the Watch app on your phone. Then, be creative, be inspirational, and be yourself with some new flair on your wrist.

PersonalPersonal for iPhone and Apple Watch is available for just $0.99 on the App Store.

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Personal - Emoji and Text for Watch Faces
Personal - Emoji and Text for Watch Faces
Nick Lauer

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