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Play a modern day Truth or Dare with Let’s Be Honest

Play a modern day Truth or Dare with Let’s Be Honest

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October 22, 2015

So, you are sitting around with a bunch of your closest friends trying to think of a fun game to play. If you can count on your friends to be brutally honest, then this new game might not only be enjoyable, but enlightening as well. Let’s Be Honest: Party Game has you answering questions about your friends and then revealing who everyone chose.

Let’s Be HonestHow to play Let’s Be Honest

The game has three questions in each round that vary from “Who will lose all of their money in a pyramid scheme?” to “Who is as dumb as they look?” with different questions per round. You simply pick your question, select your answer, and then everyone puts their phones to their foreheads to reveal the answers. Points are scored for those who choose the most popular answer. Here is a preview of Let’s Be Honest, just click here if you cannot see the video:

Are you ready to be risky?

There are a lot of juicy questions in Let’s Be Honest. You can play with up to 12 friends and create your game with a name for others to join. There are also different card decks to choose from like Kiss and Tell, The Dare Deck, Boys Night, and Ladies Only, each bringing a whole new set of revealing questions.

Let’s Be HonestSimilar to Truth or Dare

If you remember playing and having fun with Truth or Dare as a kid or teenager, then this might be right up your alley. It reminds me of that risky game where you could take a dare instead of telling the truth, except there is no “dare” to choose in Let’s Be Honest. So, make sure you and your friends are ready to play a game of truth.

Let’s Be HonestLet’s Be Honest: Party Game is designed for iPhone and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchase options for additional question decks at $1.99 each.

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Let's Be Honest: Party Game
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