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Prepare to outrun and defeat mythical enemies in Asgard Run

Prepare to outrun and defeat mythical enemies in Asgard Run

Pocket Gaming
October 23, 2015

Currently available via soft-launch in Canada, the fast-paced endless runner Asgard Run will be making its way to the U.S. App Store on Nov. 12. So, get ready to equip your hero, fight mythological enemies, and save Asgard in this exciting adventure from Ayopa Games LLC.

Asgard RunGame features

  • Choose and prepare your hero with weapons, armor, and special skills
  • Unlock new characters and unique weapons
  • Destroy powerful enemies including zombies, warlocks, and skeletons
  • Watch out for dangers like hazardous traps and plummeting meteors
  • Explore hidden locations for upgrades and other rewards
  • Run your way through a rotating world

Here is a preview of Asgard Run and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Looks terrific

Asgard Run looks to have gorgeous visuals with vibrant colors and great animations. Endless runners that take you on an epic adventure with challenging quests, awesome rewards, and distinctive characters are a joy to play. The rotating world that we see in the preview looks really interesting and should bring some uniqueness to the game. So, be sure to check back with AppAdvice for an update on the release of Asgard Run, which will be universal and available for free on the App Store on Nov. 12.

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