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Share your Sounds to Instagram with ease

Share your Sounds to Instagram with ease

October 9, 2015

When you find music that you really want to share with others, you want to give them the full experience. Sure, you could just snap a screenshot showing the album cover, artist, and title, but what if you want to pass along a bit of the song itself? Sounds app – Discover and Share Music on Instagram makes that quick and easy.

Browsing music

One of the highlights of Sounds is music discovery, since the app can be configured to send you daily music. You can also look through curated playlists, Soundcloud, Spotify Premium, iTunes, and even Apple Music. Finding new things to listen to is easy, and you can quickly share the best of what you track down.


Sharing your tunes

Using Sounds’ share button, you can quickly create a 15-second video of the album cover, along with the music itself. By dragging the waveform in the app, you can select your favorite part of the song to highlight. Once you’re done, you just click the share button again, and the app automatically saves the video to your camera roll. Then, you can post it using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or just about anything else.


Just the first step

The developers behind Sounds say that Instagram sharing is only the first step. They have 3,000 artists and labels sending music snippets and full songs to Sounds, and are in talks with major music labels like Sony, Warner, and Universal to sign direct licensing deals so they can stop relying on SoundCloud’s service. Further plans include adding song identification features, like you would find in Shazam, without complicating the app with more screens.

Getting Sounds

You can download Sounds for free on the App Store. The app is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 7.1 or later. There aren’t any ads within the app, but it does put a watermark on your videos. For an in-app purchase or by sharing the app with at least five of your contacts, you can get the ability to remove that watermark.

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Sounds app - Discover and Share Music on Instagram
Sounds app - Discover and Share Music on Instagram

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