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Stomp out monsters instead of moles in Whack Magic

Stomp out monsters instead of moles in Whack Magic

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October 26, 2015

What do you get when you combine Whack-a-Mole with a role-playing game? The answer is Whack Magic, a fast-paced new game that has you whacking monsters instead of moles. You will use powerful magic to defeat the many nasty creatures who pop up and you better be quick about it.

Whack MagicWhack Magic gameplay

This game is easy to pick up and play. The dangerous monsters are displayed on a grid and you must defeat them all to move onto the next level. Some creatures can be destroyed with a tap, some with a swipe, and others with a tap and hold action. So, you are not just whacking, but much more.

Whack MagicGame features

There are currently 80 different levels in four worlds beginning with the Magical Forest. As you play, you will charge your special skill meter to unleash powerful magic on your enemies with a simple tap. You will also see helpful items pop up on the board such as arrows or bombs that can eliminate entire rows of monsters.

Whack MagicFun and unique

Whack Magic is a very interesting type of role-playing adventure and will keep you on your toes. You must be fast or you will be defeated instead of your foes. Continue playing to unlock more monsters who will challenge you as well as your reflexes. With colorful graphics and energizing music, the game is fast and fun and the boss battles bring good challenges.

Whack Magic is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchase options for more coins which you can use to purchase weapons and armor.

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