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The Washington Post now offers breaking news alerts

The Washington Post now offers breaking news alerts

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October 26, 2015

How long have you users of The Washington Post app been waiting for breaking news alerts? In an update today, Oct. 26, you can now have them along with other great, new features in support of iOS 9.

New universal features

Along with some improvements and bug fixes, this newest update brings you the breaking news alerts you have been waiting for. You should receive a pop-up within the app asking you to opt-in and you can easily adjust those notifications in your device settings. For owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, you can now enjoy the 3-D touch feature with The Washington Post. This means you can check out the current hot stories right from the app icon.

The Washington PostNew iPad features

For those iPad users of the app who have Picture in Picture capability, you will be happy too. You can now multitask so checking out those videos while performing other tasks is super easy. There was also an issue addressed specifically for iPad users where some images were being misplaced.

The Washington PostSlick interface

The Washington Post offers a really nice, attractive interface for browsing news stories. You can easily share or save stories, check out videos, and even double-tap to look at a specific photo with a pinch-to-zoom feature. There is also a handy setting for adjusting the text size of the articles which is a terrific feature as well.

The Washington Post is universal and although it is available for free on the App Store, there are limitations on the number of free stories available each month. For unlimited access you can purchase a subscription currently for $9.99 monthly with the first month free.

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