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When Timit calls, you better answer to see that photo

When Timit calls, you better answer to see that photo

October 30, 2015

How many times have you sent a text message with a photo to your pal only to never get a response? It can be aggravating at times, especially if the photo you sent warranted some kind of reply from them. Well, here you go, an app called Timit – By Honey Badgers forces your friend to respond or else – no photo for them.

The photo

Timit is super simple to use. You tap the camera button and the countdown begins. After three seconds your photo will be snapped automatically, whether it’s a selfie or the scenery, it’s up to you. You can add a message to the photo if you like. Then you just set the time limit that your buddy has to view the photo.

TimitThe reaction

Another feature of Timit is that when your pal opens the photo, the app will snap their reaction to it and send it back to you. So, if the picture was supposed to make them happy and it didn’t, you’ll know. If it was supposed to surprise them and it didn’t, you’ll know that too.

The time limit

You can give your friend anywhere from five minutes to one hour to check out your glorious shot. Just use the slider on the bottom of the screen to set it. If they open it within the time limit, then great they win and get to see your photo. But, if they do not open it in time, then too bad for them because the photo has expired.

TimitAll in good fun

Obviously if you want to make sure your friend sees the photo you are sending, you should give them enough time to view it, especially if it is during the school or work day. But, the app is really intended to be a fun way to encourage your buddies to check out your photo plus send you their reaction in return. It’s a lighthearted app with good intentions and will probably spark some creativity for those who use it.

Timit – By Honey Badgers is designed for iPhone and available for free without ads on the App Store.

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