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Which side of the Wishbone would you pick?

Which side of the Wishbone would you pick?

Digital Communicator
October 5, 2015

If you have an opinion on what’s trending, then pick a side with Wishbone. The app presents you with trending topics and gives you a choice between two sides. Do you prefer comedies or dramas? Do you like Instagram or Snapchat more? Which looks better, the preppy look or hipster style? Just pick a side and see if you are in the majority.

WishboneThe Daily Dozen

Wishbone offers a neat feature called the Daily Dozen. So, each morning you will see 12 pop culture questions that you can browse through and then cast your vote. Topics range from fashion to movies to beauty to games. If you complete all 12 of the Daily Dozen you will be rewarded with a Nightly Dozen too.

WishboneThe community

As soon as you make your choice per question, you will see immediately how others in the community voted. If you enjoy the questions you see from certain users, you can follow them. Cool questions that you want to pose to others can be shared with a tap. So, when you finish your Daily Dozen, head over to the Community section for additional interesting questions.

WishboneCreate your own questions

Once you create a free account, you can post your own questions as well. Try to make them unique with awesome images and one of your questions may just land in a featured spot in the app. This is perfect if you and a friend constantly argue between Superman versus Batman or prints versus plaids. Settle it once and for all by creating your question on Wishbone and see which answer gets the most votes.

WishboneLighthearted fun

Wishbone is just a nifty app. The questions are entertaining and upbeat, not serious or intense, so the app has an overall good vibe. So far, I have only checked out other people’s questions, but I think I will take a stab at creating one of my own just for fun. How about you?

Wishbone is designed for iPhone, is ad-supported, and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchase options for sticker packs which you can add to the questions you create.

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