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You are the accused in Indefinite: Interrogation Game

You are the accused in Indefinite: Interrogation Game

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October 1, 2015

Do you think you have a good memory when the pressure is on? Or, does your memory fail you when you need it most? Try your hand at an intriguing memory game where you are a suspect in a major global incident and must answer quickly and correctly or face the consequences. Indefinite: Interrogation Game will definitely put your memory skills to the test as you must convince your interrogators of your innocence.

Indefinite: Interrogation GameThe questioning

An incident took place worldwide that eliminated all of our leaders and you are a suspect. That’s right, you. During your interrogation you will be required to answer several basic questions; how many depends on your answers. You must answer consistently because you will be tested by responding to the same questions again throughout the process. Select your answer from the possible choices within the time limit to continue on, because if you do not, it’s game over.

Indefinite: Interrogation GameYour mission

The goal of the game is simple; score as high as you can by answering question after question consistently. If you can convince your interrogators that you are innocent, then perhaps you have won. However, this is very difficult to do because you are a prime suspect and the answers you choose will affect their perception of you. When your questions end due to elapsed time or an incorrect answer, you will see the report stating your case.

Indefinite: Interrogation GameInteresting and fast-paced

The pressure is on in Indefinite: Interrogation Game. You only have seconds to answer the questions from the four possible answers to keep moving forward. Remembering what you answered to some questions, like your age or what family member you are closest to, may be easy to recall. But, others can be harder to remember and the possible answers are displayed in a different order for recurring questions. This is an interesting, one-of-a-kind memory game that will keep you focused and intrigued. Take a look at this preview and click here if you cannot view it:

Are you now ready to prove your innocence? Indefinite: Interrogation Game is universal and available for just $0.99 on the App Store.

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