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Be an elephant or a rainbow, just hold tight in Goat Rider

Be an elephant or a rainbow, just hold tight in Goat Rider

Pocket Gaming
November 19, 2015

Have you ever wanted to ride on a goat’s back? Okay well, maybe not. But, on the off-chance you have then today is your lucky day because Goat Rider has arrived on the App Store. So, brush up on your riding skills and whatever you do, don’t fall off.

Goat RiderGoat Rider gameplay

The concept and goal behind Goat Rider is simple, stay on the goat. To do this, you just hold down when the goat moves right and turns red and then release when it moves left and turns white. Now normally this would be easy to do, but in Goat Rider not only do you slide around on the goat’s back, but objects enter the scene. Those little distractions not only make the goat move around more as well as faster, but they can distract you from your ride. From penguins and lions to ice cream cones and hot dogs, you need to hold tight as these hilarious items continue to pile up around you.

Here is a preview of Goat Rider and you can just click here if you are unable to view it:

Game extras

The longer you can stay on the goat, the more the star bar (meter) will fill up. This is the key to unlocking additional funky riders. There are 100 riders available in the game and as you unlock them you can play as whichever one you want. Ride as a wedding cake, an owl, a piece of pizza, or even Santa Claus. Goat Rider also has Game Center support so you can ride to the top of the leaderboard.

Goat RiderSilly fun

Goat Rider really brings a whimsical concept to gaming. Where else can you become a light bulb and ride on the back of a goat while surrounded by aliens, balloons, and hamburgers? The graphics are cute and colorful and the energetic banjo music adds to the quirkiness of the game.

Goat Rider is available on the App Store for free for your iPhone or iPad. You can watch short video ads if you want to have an in-game Goat Party which puts more objects on the screen to fill the star bar quicker.

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