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Chillingo’s Micro Machines will race onto the scene soon

Chillingo’s Micro Machines will race onto the scene soon

Pocket Gaming
November 30, 2015

From a partnership between Chillingo and Codemasters and coming soon to iOS is a multiplayer racing game that is based on the cool vehicles from Hasbro introduced in the 1980s. Micro Machines will be skidding your way soon and has already soft-launched on the Singapore App Store.

Micro MachinesGame overview

Micro Machines will have you racing around pool tables and kitchen sinks among the several tracks it will offer. From sports cars to fire trucks to hot rods, you will collect those awesome tiny rides and head to the battle arenas for some real action. There will be three racing modes and over 100 upgrades like flame throwers and shrink rays. Take a look at this Micro Machines trailer and just click here if you cannot view it:

Ed Rumley, general manager of Chillingo, stated the following on the Codemasters website:

The Micro Machines brand immediately evokes excitement and nostalgia with so many people around the world. The original Micro Machines game from the 90’s pioneered the multiplayer, competitive experience and we can’t wait to resurrect those same thrills on today’s mobile devices.


The Singapore App Store shows that Micro Machines is a free game, with in-app purchases, and designed for iPhone and iPad. No official release date has been disclosed yet, however, we do know that the game will be coming before the end of the year. So, be sure to pop back over to AppAdvice for updates on the release of Micro Machines.

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