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Create wish lists and save items from any store with Taggr

Create wish lists and save items from any store with Taggr

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November 24, 2015

With a similar concept as the Amazon wish list feature and browser extension comes an app that lets you do the same thing, but conveniently on your mobile device. Taggr is an app that is perfect to help you with your holiday shopping. Tag products you find on any website so that you have them all saved in one spot, making it terrific for gift lists or simply for easier shopping.

TaggrTagging items

You can set up several wish lists to suit all of your needs from holiday gifts to household items to clothing and accessories. Just name your list and begin adding items to it. Your lists can be public or private which is handy because you can check out products that other people have tagged or keep your own little secrets. From within the app you can search for any online store and when you land on the product you would like to save, just add it to whichever wish list you want.

TaggrApp features

You can go back to your tagged items within your wish lists at any time. Clicking on a product you saved will take you directly to the product page on the site you added it from for you to purchase. A really great feature of Taggr is that whenever you tag an item, the app will check the price each day and notify you if there has been a change. This is super convenient for getting the best deals on the items you want.

TaggrSharing by following

Taggr also has a feature where you can follow other users and see items they have tagged. So, if you and your spouse each have the app, you can follow each other. This makes it handy for accessing their tagged items so you know exactly what they would like for Christmas, birthdays, or for the home and vice versa. Taggr is a simple way to create wish lists and save items to them on-the-go with a great concept, nice design, and intuitive interface.

Taggr is available for free on the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Just a note for new users; although wish list totals are currently displayed in pounds, any items added with U.S. currency will be displayed correctly for that item, as seen in the image above. An update to the app coming soon will address the wish list currency type for totals.

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